• What is good design - thinking diagram.p

    what is good design?

    Philosophy of Design | working diagram

  • film.JPG

    Design Films

    Film work from various design projects.

  • capture (1).jpg

    thesis | blog

    Blog from Surface and Interludes projects

  • Capture_edited.jpg

    fine art portfolio

    BFA Portfolio | drawing, painting, printmaking

  • Snapseed.jpg


    Illustrative Threadwork

  • large_904c3b29f4c3d474f088b59a6406235e.j

    do ho suh | analysis

    An analysis of Do Ho Suh’s fabric works through the lenses of time, memory, globalization, identity, and the “infinitely transportable” idea of home. 

  • IMG_0830.JPG

    oxford architecture 

    A brief series of papers describing the history of select historic architecture in Oxford, including stylistic development governed by cultural and social factors.  

  • img_0394.jpg

    shakespeare in oxford | shared blog

    Study Abroad | Christ Church, Oxford | 24 May―22 June 2016

  • IT'S ME.jpg


    Work & travel photography

  • Courtney-Egan-Sleepwalkers.jpg

    the sublime in bloom

    Essay discussing the work of lens-based artist Courtney Egan.

  • 98c6e0_9c52a581a4634e0a803e43e4a9c09820m

    Musée des Refusés | Goldsmiths article

    The Musée des Refusés (or, the Museum of the Refused) was the first brief for the first students on the MA in Design: Expanded Practice at Goldsmiths.

  • 28755469_10210348797187599_146740600_o.j

    standards | blog

    Blog from Contemporary Penmanship project

  • 25_edited.jpg

    @Handwritten article

    Illustrating Expression: Standards of Contemporary Penmanship

  • img_1723.jpg

    Musée des Refusés | blog

    Shared blog from Can You Not? project

  • penultimatefullsizerender.jpg

    situated practice | blog

    Blog from Amplifying Voids project

  • Lithography.JPG

    legacy of lithography

    Discussion of the development of lithography in the 19th century.

  • illuminated.JPG

    Beyond Literal

    Essay | Message and meanings in the book of Durrow.

  • jur.JPG

    jur press article

    Published artwork in the Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence

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