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    recent logo designs

    Visual Identity / Logo Designs 

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    Interludes: ma brief

    Work as a teaching assistant | Collaborative exploration using 'interludes' to expose peripheries and new design methodologies.

  • IMG_2282_edited.jpg


    Poetic provocations investigating the concept of ‘materiality’ in graphic communications, and different depths of surface.

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    Interludes: collective

    Defining the methodology of a 'DesignPoet' using photography, poetry, printmaking, and film.

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    Amplifying Voids

    A situated practice, using acoustics to define my relationship with place. 

  • Practiced - Imitation_edited.jpg

    Contemporary penmanship

    Defending penmanship as a relevant skill, this compendium unpacks the value of the handwritten. 

  • IMG_1420.JPG

    can you not?

    Critiquing the ‘etiquette’ of the museum space, exposing and exploring its experiential limitations. 

  • DSC_0079.jpg


    Spatial manifesto investigating the way design works as a reactive agent and a catalyst for change in our lives. 

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    darjeeling darling

    It’s Darjeeling, darling. Boston Tea Campaign’s latest product line.

  • Violin Body_edited.jpg

    violinist's practice

    Visual UI delineating the connections between history’s most influential violin teachers, composers, and performers.

  • DSC_0178.JPG

    dew publication

    Like fresh rainfall, Dew is purposed to offer clarity, renewal and inspiration by providing lifestyle choices for intentional living. 

  • korean alphabet.JPG

    hangul alphabet

    An illustrated historical narrative of the Korean alphabet, Hangul.

  • Capture2.JPG

    csu | uca pOSTERS

    Poster Collection | School of Music, Theatre, & Dance | August 2016—May 2017 

  • DSC_0141.JPG

    macbeth book covers

    "Blood will have blood" Two conceptually guided sleeve and cover designs.

  • red%20panda_edited.jpg

    Dignified red panda 

    Character-based, hand-illustrated postcards

  • DSC_0077.JPG

    hamlet POster

    The confrontational impact implicates the viewer – what did you see in the image, and what does that say about you? 

  • Sweeney Todd Gif.gif

    Sweeney Todd promotion

     Like the play, a promotional series meant to be a bit of horrific fun.

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